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Bereavement Support

Below are a selection of informative brochures produced by the AFDA that you may find useful. Phone or email if you would like us to send these to you.

Information you may need brochure   "Information you may need"
About the services provided by Funeral Directors, their responsibilities, codes of ethics and training.
Sharing memories brochure   "Sharing memories"
Issues addressed - Why have a funeral? The funeral ceremony. Children and funerals. When there are special problems. What to do when someone dies…
What do I do when someone dies brochure  "What do I do when someone dies?"
A guide to understanding death and preparing for its eventuality.
Easing the Burden brochure  "Easing the burden"
A practical guide to the funeral process and procedures.
It's alright to cry   "It's alright to cry"
Grief is the natural response to a significant loss. It is not just a temporary state of mind - it is a whole process that may take anything up to five years to work through.
What do we tell the children brochure   "What do we tell the children"
A simple guide for adults to help children understand death. Organised by age of children: Children up to about 6 years old; children around 6-10 years old; children and teenagers 11 years and over…
When a baby has died brochure  "When a baby has died"
When a baby dies it is natural to ask why. Why has a life been cut so short? Why our family? Creating memories; importance of naming; what to tell other children; unrecognized mourners…

Information you may need Bereavement Support

AFDA bereavement support brochures