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What to do first

Call Vincent Funeral Services on any of our numbers at any time of day or night. We will make immediate arrangements to bring your loved one into our care and make an appointment suitable to you to meet to arrange the funeral.

At Home - If someone dies at home you should phone the deceased person's general practitioner or regular paliative care nurse who will fill out the necessary paperwork prior to us attending the home. After this is arranged we will come to the deceased person's home at any time day or night to transfer them into our care.
In the event of a medical practitioner being unable to sign the death certificate, this matter is usually referred to the coroner. We liaise with the coroner's office regarding bringing your loved one into our care as soon as possible once the process has been completed.

Nursing Home - Staff at the nursing home will contact the general practitioner. They will also contact Vincent Funeral Services on your behalf after speaking to you (except Emmerton Park, Smithton - where the family must contact us).

Hospital - Staff at the hospital will organise the necessary paperwork, however, it is your responsibility to contact the funeral director.

Meeting with the Funeral Director

A Vincent Funeral Services funeral arranger will meet with you either at your home or at one of our offices in Burnie, Ulverstone or Devonport at a time that suits you.
During this meeting you will make decisions about funeral options and complete some legal paperwork.

Who to notify

It is important to notify the following people after a death has occurred:
    The family doctor - to obtain a medical death certificate
    The next of kin and family members
    The funeral director to transfer the deceased to the funeral home and begin arrangements for the funeral service
    The solicitor or executor of the will to begin proceedings to execute the will.

We have provided a list of other organisations that may need to be contacted when finalising your loved ones affairs.
View and print our Notification List.
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